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Our skeins are 100% superwash merino wool. Merino is known worldwide for its softness and elasticity. The washfast acid dyes we use love this yarn, and we love working with the colors as we hand dye each skein individually. The Versi-Color genre is put up in 2oz skeins, enabling the knitter to match the color play in each sock... one skein/one sock. The colorplay in the Avant Garde and Elemental genres is random, so those are typically put up in 4oz skeins for your convienence. Each ounce contains approximately 117 yards.

This genre does stripe, but usually does not create wide color bands. Depending on the individual skein and pattern, a color can last half way around the foot, or 3 times around. The surprise is part of the fun and the addiction of creating pieces with hand-dyed yarn. The 2 oz put-up is helpful when trying to match color patterning, but keep in mind each sock will be slightly different.

Avant Garde
Color families dance and play in these skeins in a random fashion. We use anywhere from 4 to 9 different colors in each skein, and encourage controlled blending of select colors along the way. These skeins are very freeing to knit with, as the colors will come and go according to their whim... perfect when you don't want banding or pooling of color.

Similar colors intertwine in each skein, giving the visual illusion of depth in your project. Colorways: Earth (browns), Air (light gray/cream/blue), Fire (reds), Water (blues), Spirit (violets), Mineral (turquoise/black), Moss (greens), Resin (ambers) and Stone (grays). Although the color palette in each Elemental colorway will remain the same, the movement of the colors within each individual hand-dyed skein will be unique.

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